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The Voice of Travel in Scotland

Established 1921

16 March 2021

Comment on First Minister’s statement 16.3.21

“It’s much more encouraging that international travel is now on the agenda. This will be music to the ears of Scottish travel professionals.

“The SPAA is now focusing on our role in the Aviation Task Force which is being set up by the Scottish government to look at ways to open up travel in a safe and sustainable manner. We are now actively engaged with the government as the voice of the travel professionals in Scotland and, alongside the aviation and airport representatives, we’ll be working to develop a methodology to allow travel to take off once more.

“Travel plays a hugely significant role in the Scottish economy and the economic benefits of outbound and inbound travel and tourism are both hugely valuable the country.

“We’re keen to play our role in this task force to identify the role that measures such as testing and vaccination programmes and vaccination certificates or passports will play in this.

“We hope that, through this forum, we can play our role in getting travel moving again and that we can also agree a government support framework for our industry and the wider sector following the enforced grounding which the pandemic caused

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