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15 January 2021

Business Interruption Insurance

Joanne Dooey, president of the SPAA says,

“We surveyed our members twice in 2020 on this topic. In April 35% of our members had tried to make a claim on their business interruption insurance and not a single member had been successful. We revisited this question in August and no member had been successful with a claim.

“Today’s news that the Supreme Court has ruled that insurers must pay out to small businesses is some of the best news which our industry has received in many, many months. Travel agents paid their insurance premiums for years expecting that, when they needed it, their insurers would pay out. Instead, they found that they were, in effect, told that the most significant interruption to business ever ‘didn’t count’ as business interruption because it was ‘unprecedented’.

“We hope that the relevant insurers will now ensure smooth and swift settlement of our members’ claims.”

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