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The Voice of Travel in Scotland

Established 1921

6 October 2020

#SaveFutureTravel Petition

Sign our petition to help it get to 100k signatures and secure a Parliamentary Debate 

We're calling on the Governments to #SaveFutureTravel by:

  • Fully regionalising quarantine
  • Introducing Testing
  • Reviewing the Job Support Scheme
  • Offer grants for SMEs and help businesses that missed out on previous support
  • APD relief for summer 2021

Measures to control COVID-19 have dented confidence in travel and delayed recovery. However, while many travel businesses remain viable, the Winter Economy Plan does not do enough to support businesses or save jobs. The UK's travel industry is world-leading - in ordinary times supporting over 100 million trips annually (inbound and outbound), with an economic contribution of more than £60bn, and employing close to 1m people. The Government must act to restart travel and provide tailored support.

Please help to #SaveFutureTravel by signing the petition to help us reach the target of 100k signatures which are needed for a Parliamentary debate. 

Please share via your own social media channels. 

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